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General Terms & Conditions

The company
This website and the terms "we", "us", "our", "airtickets®" refer to the company "AIRTICKETS TOURIST SERVICES S.A", Vat Number 998413602, with their headquarters in Athens, Stadiou 3B, 10562 Syntagma, Court of First Instance of Athens Register No: 1766-4933/2007, General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI) No: 007962501000 and is IATA authorised. The term "you" refers to the customer visiting and/or booking a reservation via our site, as well as any other services the customer may use/download from our website.

General Information
The use of this website and the services provided by airtickets® is subject to the present General Terms and Conditions, which apply to all online bookings. airtickets® operates as an agent of services provided by the suppliers of each travel services. Each supplier has its own terms and conditions govern its products and services. Please ensure that you have both read our own general terms and conditions as well as the terms and conditions of the relevant suppliers before you complete any transaction with us. By booking and purchasing a ticket or any other services provided by airtickets®, means that you have agreed and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of airtickets®. Should you violate any of the general terms and conditions of the website, airtickets® has the authority to reject your reservation orders.

Booking Procedures
Upon completion of the relevant fields through our booking form on our website, you give explicit mandate to airtickets® to act as the broker in providing travel services, either by the requested supplier or any other travel services. This excludes any bookings done through our call-centre or reservations made at our premises. After booking and purchasing a flight ticket or any other travel service through our website, you shall receive confirmation of your booking and purchasing by e-mail. You are obliged to verify the accuracy of the confirmation data and immediately inform airtickets® within the same calendar day for any discrepancies or errors in the original registered reservation. In case of late reporting to airtickets® of any errors and discrepancies, airtickets® bears no responsibility and you are not entitled to back out of the contract.

Electronic Ticketing (e-tickets)
Flight tickets are sent to you by e-mail as electronic tickets (e-tickets). Your reservation and tickets data are automatically transferred to the respective airline’s system. After issuing a ticket, you shall receive a second e-mail with the number of your e-ticket, which you must print in order to use it at the airport during check in. If the number of your e-ticket is written in the first e-mail, you shall not receive further confirmation. Your name in the reservation system should match your identity and identification documents used for traveling.

airtickets® has no liability for any changes in prices, booking fees and cancellation of your trip by the supplier of travel services. The remuneration of airtickets®, as mediator, is included in the total price of the provided services.

For flight tickets reservations through our website, payment is possible by credit card whilst bank deposit or electronic transfer may also be available. Before payment, airtickets® is not obliged to transfer any flight tickets or any other travel documents to you. airtickets® may ask you to submit any evidence regarding your address, a copy of your credit card or bank deposit account, before issuing your ticket.
When the transaction with the Credit Card did not pass through the 3D Secure Authentication procedure airtickets S.A has the right to ask for transaction confirmation by the issuing bank of the card holder. In case negative/no answer is being received for security reason the transaction can be cancelled and the amount will be refunded in full without any further obligation towards the client. The above is communicated to the client via e-mail and sms to the contact details inserted during the reservation.

Passport, Visas and Health Requirements
It is your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all passport, visa and other immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. For this purpose, you should confirm with the competent Embassies and/or Consulates well in advance of travel whether the destination(s) that you are visiting require a visa. It is important to remember to include all transit points in your journey since these may also require you to obtain a visa. We do not undertake any responsibility in case you are not allowed to travel due to your non-compliance with any such requirements and we also undertake no responsibility for cases we provided any assistance or advice on this.
It should be noted that the requirements for obtaining visas, transit visas and entry formalities, vary from country to country and are subject to changes without any notice. For any information needed, you should contact the competent Embassies or Consulates of all countries listed in your itinerary, or/and even the airline and not only the Embassy and the Consulate of the country of your destination, since countries which are stopovers on your flight to your final destination (regardless of whether it is a flight with stopover without changing the airplane or a connecting flight) typically require a transit visa or multiple entry visa.
We advise you that your Passport is valid for at least six months after your scheduled return date, in order to avoid having identification or any other issues during your travel. Please, also note that, there are countries which require that the traveller’s passports expire at least 3-12 months after the time of arrival.

Cancellations – Changes
The possibility to change or cancel a flight ticket, a trip or any other travel service purchased, is subject to the policy terms and conditions governed by each supplier to which airtickets® has no influence. Changes, cancellations and refunds of tickets or services may not always be possible. Costs may arise in case a ticket or travel service is changed or canceled, that is determined by the travel service provider. To this effect, all tickets and travel services are followed by detailed purchase rules and restrictions for any possible changes, possible refund charges, etc as provided by the travel suppliers. It is mandatory that you read and accept these rules before making and completing any online reservation. If the supplier provides you with the right to change or cancel a flight ticket or services, then you are obliged to inform airtickets® in writing about your wish to change or cancel your reservation, otherwise airtickets® cannot change nor cancel your reservation. Should short-term changes or cancellations of any services occur by the supplier, airtickets® shall try to contact and inform you by telephone or e-mail, on the condition that airtickets® shall have been timely notified by the respective supplier. airtickets® hold no liability for any transfer, delay or cancellation of flights or any other travel services and products of the supplier. Should you buy a return flight ticket or of multiple destinations and wish to forfeit part of your ticket, you must first contact airtickets® so that we can inform you whether this is feasible, as each supplier has different policy for such cases. This means that, if you are identified as a non-show by the supplier (Airline Company) regarding the use of one part of your ticket, it is possible the rest part of your ticket may be annulled. It is also possible, per case, that the use of the rest ticket can be used with additional charges. If you need to change or cancel a flight ticket which has not been issued yet, then airtickets® changes or cancels your reservation free of charge. If your flight ticket or voucher has been issued, airtickets® shall change or cancel your reservation, according to the supplier’s terms. Any charges are the same with those applicable to all travel agencies and depend on the time of cancellation. airtickets® service fees are the following:
  • Change of fare (domestic or international): 35 euro/ticket
  • Cancellation of fare (domestic or international): 35 euro/ticket
The commission paid when purchasing a service in case of cancellation, is non-refundable. In case of cancellations due to the supplier’s liability, no additional service fee is charged by airtickets®
The refund procedure from the airline could take between 30-50 days.

Exclusion of Liability
airtickets® is not liable in case of the non-availability of services or products by the supplier, errors, omissions or refusals of the supplier, injury, death, property damage or other damages which may result from the supplier’s services, delays, cancellations, overbooking, strike, force majeure, which are not under our direct control, the privacy policies regarding any other internet websites and the information provided and published by each supplier regarding the provision of services.

User’s responsibility
For use of the application you must be over the age of 18 and undertake the liability for any use of this website by minors on your behalf. You are obliged to use the website according to the law and complying with our general terms and conditions. Any use of the application for misleading purposes or profit, or purposes that could cause any damage to the provision of services is prohibited. Any non-legitimate action in the use of this website shall result in your exclusion from accessing the services provided.

The contents of this website are the exclusive property of airtickets®. Any copying, distribution, reproduction, process, sale, deception of the public regarding the real provider of this website, is strictly prohibited.

Social Contribution
Supporting the charitable work of non-profit organizations, foundations or other clubs, airtickets® may give you the opportunity to donate a nominal amount in order to support these actions. The nominal amount is determined each time between airtickets® and the respective foundation/institution/club and shall be charged additionally to the total service fees. airtickets® shall send you an electronic confirmation of your donation. Should you choose to donate the nominal amount, airtickets® informs you that your personal information (name and e-mail) shall be communicated to the respective foundation/institution/club solely for the purpose of them being informed of your donation and in no other case will your personal information (name and e-mail) be processed or used for other purposes. Should you choose to donate the nominal amount, you hereby declare that you agree and consent to the communication of your personal information (name and e-mail) to the respective foundations/institutions/clubs. Finally, airtickets® informs you that in case of cancellation of your ticket the nominal amount is not refundable.

Modification - Renewal of the General Terms and Conditions
airtickets® reserves the right to modify or renew the above Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this website, at any time, without having any obligation to inform the User.